Andy Young

Project Manager, Chief Motivation Officer, Customer Service, Technician,
and anything else adventurous!

  • Favorite App on Phone: Reddit
  • Most Loved Childhood Video Game: Super Tecmo Bowl (NES)
  • When did you get your first computer: Around 6 – my brother and I shared it. Best of all, it was a Tandy!
  • Favorite Restaurant or Food: In-season fruit and ice cream
  • TV show I’m really into: Mountain Men, Yellowstone
  • Book that I love: Biographies, Non-Fiction, Voltaire,
    Brian Hague, or James Bryan Smith.

Tim Chenos

Service Director for Central Ohio Market

  • Favorite App on Phone: Facebook
  • Most Loved Childhood Video Game: Team Fortress 2
  • When did you get your first computer: 8 Years Old, Gateway Desktop
  • Favorite Restaurant or Food: Pizza
  • TV show I’m really into: Star Trek
  • Book that I love: Goosebumps

Zach Orall

Client Liason and Level 1/2 Helpdesk

  • Favorite App on Phone: Chess App
  • Most Loved Childhood Video Game: Halo Reach (World Top 500 in SWAT)
  • When did you get your first computer: Around 6-7 years old, it was a massive desktop with a whopping 1GB of storage
  • Favorite Restaurant or Food: Taco Bell, you cannot beat a 5-layer burrito
  • TV show I’m really into: Breaking Bad, Attack on Titan
  • Book that I love: Anything scientific non-fiction, Ready Player One, anything by John Green